Pi Kappa Lambda – Shorter University


Dr. Aaron Rice, Advisor

The primary objective of PI KAPPA LAMBDA is the recognition and encouragement of the highest level of musical achievement and academic scholarship. The Society is convinced that, by recognizing and honoring persons who have enhanced their talents by serious, diligent, and intelligent study, others will be stimulated to do the same. Moreover, the Society feels that it serves the interest of the student capable of meeting its criteria by granting a charter to institutions that provide the atmosphere conducive to musical achievement and academic virtue.

PI KAPPA LAMBDA was organized in 1918 at Northwestern University in Evanston, Illinois with a charter granted by the State of Illinois.The first chapter, Alpha, elected as its first member Peter Christian Lutkin, Dean of the School of Music. His initials in their Greek equivalent – Pi Kappa Lambda – provided the name of the Society. There are more than 200 active chapters. In 1940 the Society of PI KAPPA LAMBDA was admitted to the Association of College Honor Societies as the representative in the field of music. The Epsilon Beta Chapter at Shorter University was established on April 25, 1981.

Student Inductees


  • Becky Fowler
  • Sydney Hillman
  • Abbey Poole
  • Asa Stallings


  • Erin Dallmann


  • Ashley Phillips, BM ’16
  • Julian Duncan, BM ’16
  • Taylor Camp, BFA ’16


  • Gina Hicks, Alumni
  • Hannah Mitchell, BM ‘15
  • Ashley Poole, BM ‘15
  • Kaitlin Kennedy, BFA ‘15


  • Garrett Baker, BM ’14
  • Diane Turner, BM ‘14


  • Mrs. Beth Taylor
  • Grace Wirabudi, BM ’14
  • Wendy Harrell, BFA ’13
  • Mrs. Julie Bearden-Carver


  • Laura Leigh Beall, BM ’13
  • Sarah Weaver, BM ’12
  • Kristina Kennedy, BFA ’13
  • Emily Alderman, BM ’13
  • Susan Diesch, BM ’14
  • Mariel Villarreal, BFA ’12
  • Kate Johnson, BFA ’14
  • Sarah Justus, BM ’14
  • Annelise Kitching, BFA ’14


  • Jennifer Diane Holcombe, BFA ’11
  • Chris Vizurraga, BFA ’12
  • Susanna Grace Polley, BM ’13
  • Chelsea Catherine Cross, BM ’12


  • Elizabeth McCoy Telford, BFA ’11
  • Elizabeth Melinae MacDonell, BFA ’11


  • Audrey Lane Crocker, BFA ‘10
  • Laura Lee Gill, BFA ‘10
  • Hope Kristin Moore, BM ‘10
  • Emily Christine Tweedy, BM ‘11
  • Thomas Hobson Williams, BM ‘10
  • Kathrine Zaloumes, BFA ‘09

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Presidents of Pi Kappa Lambda


Amy Neal, MM Visiting Professor of Music Gamma Tau Chapter, Baylor University
Aaron Rice, DMA Assistant Professor of Music Beta Zeta, East Carolina State University
Yuman Lee, MM Assistant Professor of Music Eta, University of Southern California
John McCluskey, PhD Assistant Professor of Music Iota Epsilon, Lee University
Jerico Vasquez, DMA Associate Professor of Music Zeta Tau, University of Houston
Duane Warfield, PhD Assistant Professor of Music Alpha Phi, University of Iowa
Tara Warfield, DMA Assistant Professor of Music Theta Phi, Coe College
Alan Wingard, DMA Dean Emeritus, School of Fine & Performing Arts Alpha Pi, University of Alabama
Sandy Yeargan, MME Instructor of Music Epsilon Beta, Shorter University


Patricia DeWitt, PhD Professor Emeritus of Music Epsilon Beta, Shorter University
Peter DeWitt, DMA Professor Emeritus of Music Epsilon Beta, Shorter University
John Ramsaur, MM, DHL Professor Emeritus of Music Epsilon Beta, Shorter University
Helen Ramsaur, MM Professor Emeritus of Music Epsilon Beta, Shorter University
William Knight, MM Professor Emeritus of Music Epsilon Beta, Shorter University
Phoebe Pomeroy, MM Professor Emeritus of Music Epsilon Beta, Shorter University