Freshman Guide - Shorter University

Living with friends who you depend on for more than notes will forge bonds that will carry you through the rest of your life, not just the next four years.

How to Get Started:

  • Enrollment Deposit. Once you are accepted and ready to commit to Shorter you will pay a deposit through the Enrollment Office. The next step is to complete the items below:
  • Scholar. Once your deposit is paid you will be given access to your student login information to the SCHOLAR portal on the Shorter Website. Through SCHOLAR you will be able to find many helpful things about the University, events, class schedules, housing assignments and more. There are two main forms you will need to complete as soon as possible upon your access to SCHOLAR.
  • Housing Questionnaire. Under the New Students tab on SCHOLAR, you will complete the Housing/New Student Questionnaire for your placement in the Residential Halls. Housing applications are placed first come, first serve so the earlier the better on getting matched with a great roommate!
    Note: Be sure to put as much detail in your questionnaire as possible for better matching!
  • Emergency Contact Form. As you complete the Housing Questionnaire or Hawk Orientation form, be precise and current on the information you provide.
  • Hawk Orientation. Under the New Student tab on SCHOLAR, you will see a Hawk Orientation form to complete for your attendance at one of the orientation sessions offered in July. There is limited space for each date so be sure you complete this as soon as possible to ensure it works for your family’s schedule. For questions with this form, you may contact Julia Bolton, Assistant Director of Student Life, at
  • Immunization Form. Under the New Students tab on SCHOLAR, there is a form for you to complete for your Immunization. You must submit this form to the Office of Student Health Services in order to complete your housing placement.
  • Camp Hawk. You will check in to your dorm on campus and that night Camp Hawk will begin. This is a three day event that is intentional to help you connect with your new friends and give you all of the resources that will help make you successful in your first year. Come expecting to make the most of your first nights on campus.

Tips from Upperclassmen:

  • Be open and available. Be approachable and introduce yourself to everyone around you. Go out of your way to connect. There’s only so much others can do – the rest is up to you. Opening up is where you’ll connect with people and create relationships.
  • Leave your door open when you’re home. Privacy is the enemy (except when you’re studying or sleeping). You’d be surprised how easily you’ll make friends that way. When your door is open, you never know who’ll pop their head in and say, “Hi!” It could be the start of a great lifelong friendship.
  • Get involved and participate. SU is an awesome community of fellowship if you put yourself out there. Bible studies, campus leadership, sports events and all the orientation and Res Life activities are great places to start. However, you must take initiative to call people, seek them out and be friendly. Simply attending events and classes is not enough – step out and show interest in what’s going on around you.
  • Take time to get to know those in your hall/living area. Try not to turn down an invitation to hang out, though homework is still a priority. You’re in college now – it’s alright to stay up past 11!
  • Step out of your comfort zone. Remember that all freshman are new, not just you. Dive in and don’t be shy! Most of your classmates and hallmates won’t bite. Don’t be afraid to ask others about themselves. Also, get to know the Shorter Orientation Staff and resident assistants because they’ll help you make the most of your freshman experience.