Directory – Shorter University
Name Title Phone Email Office
Addison, Dustin Assistant Professor of Criminal Justice 706-233-7511
Admissions Office 706-233-7319 ST 127
Advancement Office 706-292-3900 Thornwood
Allen, Nate Online Student Success Specialist 706-233-7207 ST 213-A
Allen, Veronica Assistant Professor of Biology 706-233-4313 RH 212
Anderson, Wade Head Men’s Basketball Coach 706-233-7343
Angeles, Giovanni Lab Coordinator & Lab Instructor 706-233-7512 RH 208
Arrington, Larry D., Jr. Director of Student Engagement and Success 706-233-7318
Bailey, Andrew Webmaster/Analyst 706-233-7252 ST 200B
Barclay, Dr. Elaine Associate Professor of Human Services
Field Placement Coordinator
Barrett, Perry Adjunct Professor of Economics
Baskin, Dr. Brent Chair, Department of Christian Studies
Associate Professor of Christian Studies-Youth Ministries
Faculty Advisor: Christian Leaders on the Hill (CLOTH)
706-233-7821 MFA 202-B
Baskin, Melissa Assistant Professor of Communication Studies
The Hawk’s Eye Magazine Advisor
706-233-7964 MFA 206 B
Beard, Dr. Daniela Assistant Professor of Spanish 706-233-7508 RH 109
Ben and Ollie Brady School of Nursing 706-233-7464
Bergan, Nicholas Visiting Professor of Economics
Black, Lori Administrative Assistant to the Dean of Natural Sciences and Mathematics and OIER 706-233-7355 RH 214
Bohanan, Kaitlyn Assistant Director of Online Admissions 706-233-7622
Bolton, Julia Director of Student Life 706-233-7233 FSU
Bond, Paul Assistant Professor of Biology 706-233-7507 RH 303
Bookstore 706-233-7236 FSU
Bowles, Lindsey Executive Assistant to the Provost 706-233-7203 ST 105
Bradfield, Sarah Director of Development and Alumni 706-292-3902 Thornwood 201
Brady, Bethany Registrar 706-233-7259
Bramlette, Jeff Director of Information Technology 706-233-7400 LL Basement
Brock, Tracey Director of Corporate Development 706-378-5997
Bruce, Dr. Ben Vice President for University Advancement 706-292-3900
Bunch, Johnny Adjunct Professor of Computer Information Systems
Burgess, Dr. Dustin Director of Music Education
Associate Professor of Music Education
706-233-7311 CFA 111
Business Office 706-233-7222
Byrd, Kimberly Assistant Professor of Accounting 706-289-9786
Campus Safety In Case of Emergency: 706-233-7911

To contact Campus Security:

706-233-7912 FSU
Carter, Dr. Charles Tenured Associate Professor of History 706-233-7651 AH 7
Chandler, Dr. Jacob Assistant Professor of Chemistry 706-233-7517 RH 309A
Clayton, Dr. Daniel Associate Professor of Chemistry 706-233-7262 RH 315
College of Humanities and Social Sciences 706-233-7276 ST 208
College of Natural Sciences and Mathematics 706-233-7355 RH 214
Conkle, Kyle Assistant Professor of Sport Management 706-233-3907 LB-402
Cooke, Kevin Assoc. Director of Athletics 706-233-7618
Corbin, Mary Assistant to the Dean,
College of Humanities and Social Sciences
706-233-7276 ST 208 A
Crawford, Dr. Rick Assistant Professor of Political Science 706-233-7273 AH 9
Cushing, Teresa Financial Aid Advisor
Online Programs
706-233-7228 ST-119
Daniels, Love Administrative Assistant Faculty & Student Support
Brady School of Nursing
706-233-7464 Thornwood
Darville, Dr. Robert H. “Dub” Visiting Professor of Accounting 706-292-3901 LB 204
Davidson, Drew Assistant Professor of Theatre
Davis, Gary Director of Mail Services 706-233-7229 FSU Post Office
DeBartola, Blake Assistant Coach,
Football Recruiting Coordinator / Offensive Line
Donadio, Christine Mgmt Adjunct Faculty, Brady School of Nursing 706-233-7464
Douglass, Kris Assistant Professor of Nursing Brady School of Nursing 706-233-7464
Douglass, Dr. Randy Associate Professor of Christian Studies 706-233-7493
Dowless, Dr. Donald President of the University 706-233-7201 ST 101
Dudley, Katherine Associate Professor of Communication Studies 706-233-7335 MFA 204
Dunnington, Celeste Associate Professor of Nursing 706-233-7901
Earl, Dr. Deondre Assistant Professor of Finance 706-292-3929 LB 304
Edwards, Candy Director of Advancement Services 706-292-3919 Thornwood
Eppling, Caleb Admissions Counselor 706-233-7291
Exsted, Dr. Bert Associate Professor of Chemistry 706-233-7406 RH 317 A
Facilities Management Click Here to Request Assistance
Figueroa, Erick Assistant Coach, Baseball
Financial Aid 706-233-7227
Frost, Heather Staff Accompanist 706-233-7307 MFA 114
Furey, Paul Head Men’s Soccer Coach 706-233-7502 WKC
Garrett, Brandi Dining Services Coordinator 706-233-7439 Dining Hall
Gatewood, Kerry 678-260-3591
Gaukel, Sue Associate Professor of Music Theatre Direction 706-233-7450 MFA 103
Gibbons, William Strength and Conditioning Director 706-233-7606
Goad, Dr. Jill Assistant Professor of English 706-233-7496 RH 113
Graham, Kaitlyn Director of Enrollment Services for Online Programs 706-233-7413 ST 200 B
Griffieth, Willie Head Track & Field/Cross Country Coach 706-233-7961
Griswell, Joel Adjunct Professor of Low Brass CFA 116
Hamilton, Chris
Director of Resident Life and Student Conduct 706-233-7315 FSU
Harper, Beverly Administrative Assistant to Dean,
School of Fine & Performing Arts
706-233-7488 MFA 131
Helms, Dr. Clint Dean, College of Natural Sciences and Mathematics
Associate Professor of Biology
706-233-7265 RH 202
Hendricks, Richard Athletic Director 706-233-7469
Himes, Candi Senior Executive Assistant to the President 706-233-7201 ST 101
Hix, Dr. Alan Associate Professor of Christian Studies
Theta Alpha Kappa Sponsor
706-233-7257 ST 11
Hodgson, Kelsey Head Softball Coach
Hooper, Dr. Heath Dean, Robert H. Ledbetter College of Business
Associate Professor of Sport Management
706-292-3906 LB-701
Howard, Scott Controller 706-233-7897
Huckaby, Noah Assistant Director of Information Technology 706-233-7400 LL
Hudgins, Sheri A.
Assistant Professor of Education 706-233-7922 Ed Building E103
Im, Faith Stevenson Assistant Professor of Theatre/Dance 706-233-7282
Jacobus, Dr. Enoch Associate Professor of Music Theory 706-233-7289 MFA 115
James, Dr. Christy Associate Professor of Education 706-233-7924
Johnson, Eric Head Athletic Trainer 706-233-7490
Johnson, Rachel Assistant Professor of Nursing 706-233-7464 Thornwood
Johnston, Roxanne Dean, Brady School of Nursing 706-233-7464 Thornwood
Jones, Kierston Enrollment Specialist 706-233-7279
Jordan, Laura Head Coach, Women’s Lacrosse 706-233-7616
Justice, Katee Enrollment Specialist 706-233-7221
Keith,  Steven Adjunct Professor of Flute CFA 116
Kellett, Dr. Earl Dean, College of Humanities and Social Sciences
Director Institutional Effectiveness & Research Chair
Quality Enhancement Plan Taskforce
Professor of Christian Studies
Curriculum Committee
706-233-7472 ST 208-B
Killam, Dr. Gary Associate Professor of Criminal Justice 706-233-7511 AH 5-C
King, Dr. Dana Dean, School of Education Associate Professor of Education 706-622-5006 Ed Building E203
Kirby, Dr. Melissa Chair, Business Administration and Assistant Professor of Accounting LB-407
Landrum, Leanne Admissions Counselor 706-233-7495
Larson, Matthew
Lassiter, Colleen Vice President of Enrollment Management 706-233-7319
Ledbetter College of Business 706-292-3950 LB
Lee, Yuman Associate Professor of Music 706-233-7246 CFA 102
Lentz, Charlotte Executive Assistant to the VP of Finance/CFO
Accounts Payable Coordinator
Linebach, Dr. Jared Associate Professor of Criminal Justice 706-233-7294 AH 5-B
Lindsey, Agetha
Litchfield, Mary Ann Assistant Professor of Nursing 706-233-7923
Livingston Library 706-233-7296 LL
Long, Brenda Human Resources Manager 706-233-7461
Lord, Holly Transfer Specialist 706-233-7216
Lu, Dr. Qiang Associate Professor of Physics 706-233-7411 RH 316
Lucas, Dr. Daniel Assistant Professor of Mathematics 706-233-7518 RH 116
Martin, Jr., Dr. Donald (Skip) L. Professor of Christian Studies
Martin, Donna H. Instructor of Mathematics 706-233-7503 RH 115
McCarthy, Connor Head Coach, Golf 706-233-7371
McCauley, Gina 706-233-7222
McClung, April Campus Visit and Event Coordinator 706-233-7319 ST 127
McCluskey, Dr. John Michael Chair, Dept. of Music
Associate Professor of Music
706-233-7975 MFA 111
McDade, Jeanne, MA Executive Assistant to VP for Student Affairs/Dean of Students 706-233-7231 FSU 237
McElhaney, Patrick Director of Admissions 706-233-7225 ST 127
McElwee, Sabrina Human Resources Coordinator 706-233-7444
McFry, Gerald Adjunct Professor of Business
McLaren, Robin Holt 678-260-3534
McWhorter, Natasha Homeschool Admissions Counselor 706-233-7223
Mills, Kelly Adjunct Professor of Art 706-233-7283 CFA 312
Mkandawire, Dr. Collins Assistant Professor of Management 706-292-3913 LB 302
Monde, Margie Assistant Professor of Art HAC
Montgomery, Dr. Eddie Assistant Professor of Management 706-292-3904 LB 411
Moore, April Costume Designer and Shop Manager
Moore, Lance Vice President for Auxiliary Services 706-233-7424
Moss, Andrea Assistant Professor of Biology 706-233-7514 RH 317-B
Morris, Dr. Terry R. Professor of History 706-233-7790 AH 8
Morrison, Matt Service Desk Supervisor 706-233-7400
Morrison, Zach Head Football Coach 706-233-7209
Mullen, Dr. William Chair, Dept. of Communication Studies
Professor of Communication Studies
Lambda Pi Eta Sponsor
706-233-7336 MFA 201-A
Nation, LaSheena Head Women’s Basketball Coach 706-233-7344
Neal, Amy Visiting Instructor of Music/Piano 706-233-7404 MFA 112
O’Neal, Dr. Angela C. Joan Alden Speidel Chair in English
Chair, Dept. of English, Modern Languages, & Liberal Arts
Professor of English
Honors Academy Director
706-233-7650  RH 111
OIT Service Desk

  • Canvas Support
  • Account/Email Support
  • Website Support
  • SCHOLAR Support
Click Here to Request Assistance 706-233-7400
Online and Adult Programs 706-233-7620
Parker, Chelsea Assistant Coach, Women’s Soccer
Patrick, Dr. Stephen Assistant Professor of Economics and Accounting 706-292-3916 LB 407
Pender, Moriah, LAPC Director of Student Support Services
Licensed Associate Professional Counselor
Perkins, Dr. Tasha Associate Professor of Education
Director of Assessment and Accreditation
706-233-3780 Ed Building E202
Pettegrew, Dr. Justin Professor of History 706-233-7326  AH 5 A
Phillips, Gene 706-233-7452
Philyaw, Dr. Luciana Chair, Dept. of Social Sciences
Assistant Professor of Human Services
706-233-7505 AH 12
Pierre, Dr. Denel Assistant Professor of Finance and Accounting 706-292-3928 LB 410
Pond, Dr. Julie Associate Professor of English 706-233-7393 RH 110
Posada, Naomi Head Coach, Volleyball 706-233-7624
Poussin, Dr. Fabrice Associate Professor of English and French
The Chimes Advisor
Faculty Athletics Representative
706-233-7254 RH 105
Ragland, Jasmine 706-233-7236
Rapson, Dr. Alicia Assistant Professor of Education 706-233-5007
Reams, Dr. John Provost
Professor of Music and Woodwinds
706-233-7203  ST
Reid, Shelley Part-time Accompanist CFA 100
Registrar’s Office 706-233-7211 ST
Rice, Dr. Aaron Tenured Associate Professor of Music
Director of Choral Activities
Coordinator of Music and Worship Leadership Studies
706-733-7658 MFA 118
Roach, Andre Director of Compliance
Roby, Aaron IT Support Specialist 706-233-7400
Rogers, Hannah Associate Director of Financial Aid 706-233-7327 ST 119
Roland, Rev. David, M.Div. Campus Minister
International Children’s Basketball Consultant
706-233-7329 FSU 230 A
Ross, Mr. Michael Chair, Department of Sport Management
Assistant Professor of Sport Management
706-292-3908 LB 203
Scholl, Amanda Academic Records Coordinator 706-233-7210
School of Education 706-252-8086 Ed Building
School of Fine & Performing Arts 706-233-7488 MFA 131
Schultz, Allison Data Manager, School of Education 706-622-5005 Ed Building E204
Slade, Marcia Assistant Director of Financial Aid 706-233-7338  ST 119
Smith, Dorothy Director of Library Services
Smith, Valarie Assistant Professor of Physical & Earth Science 706-233-7515 RH 302
Strait, Dr. Zack Assistant Professor of English 706-233-7509 RH 119
Stepp, Brooklyn Staff Accountant 706-233-7251
Stiles, Andrea Davis Assistant Professor of Psychology 706-233-7476 AH 3
Stockton, Jason Head Cheer Coach
Stricklin, Michelle VP Of Finance/CFO 706-233-7898
Student Affairs Office 706-233-7231 FSU 237
Swanagan, Dr. Diane Chair, Dept. of Mathematics
Associate Professor of Mathematics
706-233-7301 RH 104
Szostak, Dr. Christine Assistant Professor of Psychology Pi Gamma Mu Sponsor 706-233-7497 AH 5-E
Thomas, Indra Visiting Professor of Music – Voice 706-233-7280 CFA 105
Thomas, Ted Technical Director for Theatre 706-233-7407 
Thrower, Darius Admissions Counselor 706-233-7375
Timmons, Wes Head Baseball Coach 706-233-7510
Timms, Bobby Chemistry Lab Coordinator 706-233-7890 RH 211
Tolbert, Dr. Dawn Associate Vice President for University Advancement and Public Relations 706-233-7215 Thornwood
Tracy, Dena Assistant Professor of Education 706-233-7921
Traquair, Ciaran 706-233-7502
Tuck, Travis Systems Administrator 706-233-7400 
VanHoose, Jenna Sports Information Director
Senior Women’s Administrator
Vasquez, Dr. Jerico Artist-in-Residence
Associate Professor of Music, Piano
Coordinator of Keyboard Studies
706-233-7281 CFA 104
Warfield, Dr. Duane Associate Professor of Music Director of Bands 706-233-7463 MFA 110
Warfield, Dr. Tara Interim Dean of the School of Fine and Performing Arts
Director of Opera and Vocal Studies
Associate Professor of Music
706-233-7362 CFA 101
Washington, Dr. Marcus Assistant Professor of Education 706-233-7920 Ed Building E104
Watkins, Kevan Assistant Coach, Women’s Soccer
White, Dr. Paul 678-260-3587
Whitlow, Ken, M.Div., MSCP VP of Student Affairs and Dean of Student Affairs 706-233-7231 FSU 237
Whitmore, Alaina Assistant Director of Financial Aid Systems 706-233-7269 ST-113
Williams, Loretta, BSN, RN Director of Student Health Services 706-233-7278
Williams, Mitchell Visiting Lecturer, School of Education 706-252-8086
Williams, Nancy 706-233-7348 
Yeargan, Sandra “Sandy” Director of Preparatory Program 706-233-7334 CFA 117
Zeird, Susan Payroll Coordinator 706-233-7293
Zuniga, Marco Admissions Counselor 706-233-7295